Welcome to Heat Trace Northern Limited.

Heat Trace Limited is a global company providing complete heat trace solutions, and the industry technical leader in its field.

Heat Tracing, trace heating or surface heating is the method of heating and/or maintaining temperatures in pipelines, tanks/vessels and pipeline equipment. For more than 35 years, Heat Trace Limited has been a leader in this industry.

At Heat Trace Northern Limited we design and supply electric trace (surface) heating systems and temperature controlled applications. Trace heating cables and silicon heater mats can be designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications such as pipework, storage tanks/vessels, hoppers, scientific equipment, catering equipment, underfloor heating, transportation and many more.

We offer a service tailored to meet your individual needs – from as little as 2 metres of heating tape to the design and supply of a complete trace heating system.

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Boiler Condensate Protection

Don't let your condensate lines freeze this winter. Act now and avoid the excessive costs that British Gas will place on you
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