Have you ever wondered if the caffeine shampoo really works to stop loss of hair?

In fact, according to MENSCRIPT the online health clinic that is specialized in providing treatment for hair loss online throughout the United Kingdom, it doesn’t.

The online health clinic conducted an investigation into the science of health and discovered that the majority of the studies that are referred to by their manufacturer for “proof” for the efficacy in their coffee shampoo are believed to have been financially backed by the company.

This isn’t clear for a variety of studies, but researchers suspect the research conducted in 2010, 2011 as well as 2013 and 2018, were all funded by the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that all four studies were conducted in the hands of the identical Italian researchers, in the exact same way and for the exact same company that is Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH.

The products that were investigated include: Alpecin Caffeine shampoo, Alpecin Caffeine lotion, Plantur21 and Plantur39.All owned by Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH. While the authors don’t say that they received financial aid but the authors do thankDr.Kurt Wolff GmbH for the provided product samples: “The authors thank Dr.Kurt Wolff GmbH Germany for the products used in the study. ”

They believe that studies have been created on a continual basis in the hope of proving positive results for a drug which hasn’t been proven to work in any way.

Read the full analysis for free on the MENSCRIPT website: Caffeine shampoo for hair loss: a waste of time and money