MenScript vs Manual: Complete Review

MenScript as well as Manual provide men’s telehealth services that provide treatments for the erectile function, hair loss preventative, prematurely ejaculating along with other general health issues and sexual health issues online.

Telehealth solutions are growing in popularity due to their convenience and affordability, but they also come with a bonus that is discretion. Men who have health conditions that are potentially embarrassing and cause the feeling of being embarrassed, including the loss of hair, Erectile Dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. Telehealth services and online consultations give men a way to have their issues addressed without having to make an discomfort-inducing trip to the doctor’s clinic by taking advantage of the online physician.

The two MenScript and Manual provide telemedicine for various health issues that commonly affect men. Depending on which state you reside in, you may be eligible to receive an approved treatment plan for your condition through an easy chat after verification of your identity.

We’ve put together an extensive review of MenScript and MenScript. Manual to help you decide which telehealth program is suitable for your needs.

Hair Loss Treatments

MenScript or Manual both offer a variety of hair loss products that are designed to promote hair growth in males who are experiencing male pattern baldness and various other types of hair loss such as receding hairline. The main differences between the products are discussed below.


MenScript offers an extensive array of hair loss treatment options, which include topically applied minoxidil, and finasteride.

The products are accessible for purchase either separately or as part of one of four bundles that are delivered every month depending on which type of loss of hair a man suffers.

Finasteride is an orally prescribed medication prescribed to treat hair loss that is associated with male pattern hair loss. Finasteride reduces the levels of DHT in the scalp, which helps stop hair loss and encourage growth of hair. Studies show that finasteride is highly effective in treating male-pattern baldness, with the vast majority of patients treated with finasteride experiencing hair regrowth or no further loss of hair.